Star Thrower Farm's cheesemaking philosophy is simple: take excellent care of the land and sheep then allow the pure and natural to happen! We are sticklers for healthy pastures and grass-based diets and it shows in Star Thrower cheese. Our milk is clean and fresh and produces wonderful whole milk ricotta, whey ricotta, soft ripened Camembert-style cheese, and aged tommes. Our ricotta is pasteurized; our soft ripened Camembert-style and aged tommes are raw milk cheeses.
We also make an aged tomme Ubriaco, which means
drunken in Italian. Tommes are soaked in grape must from the production of a local port wine. This cheese is called "Three Sheeps to the Wind" and is produced in very limited quantities.

We are a true farmstead operation and each cheese is produced in small batches by our cheesemakers. We hand rub our cheeses with course sea salt and care for our cheeses in an aging facility on our farm.

Our dairy is seasonal and our production is limited. We begin milking our ewes in early June through mid-October.
Stop by the Fulton Farmer's Market in south Minneapolis or Mill City Farmer's Market in downtown Minneapolis for a sample!
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Soft-ripened Camembert-style
Aged Farmstead Tomme
Raw Sheep's Milk Blue
Traditional Icealndic Yogurt-Cheese