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Welcome to the Star Thrower Farm website!

Our farm is a small, diversified and sustainable farm within an hour of the Kansas City metro area. We pasture raise our sheep and their guard llamas for their fiber. Icelandic sheep are known for their beautiful fleeces prized by handspinners, felters and other fiber artists. Because our flock is pastured, their fleeces are very clean with little vegetive matter.

Star Thrower Farm is also home to our honeybees. They help us by pollenating our organic fruits, vegetables and lavender and producing wonderful raw honey.

At Star Thrower Farm we strive to make a difference through responsible land stewardship, humane and respectful animal husbandry and the production of high quality, nutritious food.

Thank you for visiting our website and thank you for your interest in our farm.

Lookng for unique gift ideas? Contact for a current selection of her handknit Icelandic woolens.

Our little farmstead in Paola, Kansas has been home to our Icelandic fiber sheep and their guard llamas since June, 2016. In 2016-17 we planted a small lavender field, apple, pear, cherry, plum and peach trees, berry patches and constructed our raised vegetable beds.

The bee in our apiary at Star Thrower Farm produce raw honey with a wonderfully complex bouquet and flavor.

We operate our farm in a pollinator friendly and sustainable manner.

Star Thrower Farm is returning to Minnesota in 2019 where we will continue to raise our flock of Icelandic sheep on pasture. Plans are in place for the construction of a new barn and an expanded fruit, flower and vegetable operation. We are grateful for the incredible support our customers have shown for our products sold at the Overland Park Farmers Market. We also appreciate the over 2,000 people who have visited the farm during the past 3 years. We are happy we could share our farm with you.